Personal Development

Ofsteds new judgement are personal development will focus on how you promote children’s personal development. Inspectors will use their professional judgement to consider the effectiveness of your provision on children’s all-round development.

How do you:
👉 Enable children to be increasingly independent?
👉 Prepare children for life in modern Britain through the development in their understanding of fundamental British Values?
👉 Enable children to form secure attachments?
👉 Foster and nurture a sense of belonging?
👉 Expand children’s vocabulary to enable them to vocalise or communicate their thoughts and ideas?
👉 Create opportunities for children to manage risk? 
👉 Encourage children to reflect on their differences and understand what makes them unique?

The New Education Inspection Framework places a greater emphasis on care practices and children’s independence within this area. 👏

Also within personal development comes the importance of sharing information with children around the dangers of the internet and how children can keep themselves safe.👏

Also Ofsted’s phrase ‘prepare children for life in modern Britain’ brings into play the importance of British values. The key pillars of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for those of different faiths, needs to be evident within your practice. Leaders must ensure that the approach taken has meaning and relevance for children of different ages and is not just seen as a tick box exercise.

If you would like any further information / ideas of how to embed personal development into your practice without more paperwork please contact Topey

New Education Inspection Framework

⭐️The New Education Inspection Framework⭐️
👉New Inspection Judgements
👉Importance of secure attachments
👉Revision of Grade descriptors
👉Leaders providing a clear and ambitious vision
👉Culture Capital
👉Quality of Education
👉Learning Walk

Are you up to date with the information in the New Education Inspection Framework coming into effect in September? 
Topey is running two short courses one focusing on the overall changes of the Education Inspection Framework and what it means for you in practice and one on Quality of Education – how to achieve a high-quality, ambitious and inclusive learning provision within your setting with minimal paperwork yet secure understanding of pedagogy and curriculum.
If you are interested in attending any of these courses please contact me direct. Course cost is £15 and are held on evenings or weekends.


Topey Ltd can offer you support and guidance throughout your childminding career, from initial advice and training support, policies and procedures to up-dating training as you become more advanced.

Topey Ltd currently provides:

  • Policies and Procedures containing up to date and relevant information
  • Support packages
  • New childminder training
  • EYFS practise courses
  • Update short safeguarding courses
  • Observation, Assessment and Planning courses
  • How to minimize your paperwork course
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